We are talking about goals. How you pick your goal, how you set the steps that will lead there and how you will achieve it.

An interesting way to keep your goal clear and center, which makes it easier to achieve it, is making the goal visual.

The inspiration board

Whether you call it a mood board, an inspiration board or a vision board. The board you set up will make you SEE your goal. This will make it clearer, vividly and manageble. And though words are very pretty – I am a big fan of words – the sentence ‘1 picture is worth a 1000 words’ doesn’t exist for nothing.

Such an inspiration board shows you easier, faster and more vividly what your goal is, something that otherwise would require loads of words.

How do you make an inspiration board?

Making one is really easy:

  1. Think what you want to achieve in a year (or 2).
  2. Work out how you will notice that specifically.
    If you want to work location independent, what will that entail? Maybe it means you only work online and don’t have physical appointments anymore.
    If you want to turnover 50.000 a year, how will that effect your life? Maybe you will want a cleaning lady, so you don’t have to worry about your household anymore.
    If you want to lose 30 pounds, how will you achieve it? Maybe you will want a personal trainer to stop making stupid excuses.
  3. Find images to go with those elements.
    You might find them online but search in magazines as well. Make sure you got those images all together.
  4. Take a piece of cardbock and stick the images on.
    You can also swith it up with some text to make it more specific. Like an image of vegetables with ‘200 grams’ underneath meaning you will really eat 200 grams a day.
  5. Hang it up and you’re done!

An inspiration board can also be made for a specific channel within your strategy or for your brand in general. It is a lot of fun, very interesting and definitely inspirational.