Sometimes clients ask me for social media buttons and feeds right on the top of the homepage of their website.

This way their social media channels will be visible.

Very visible.

But I would always recommend against it. You know I will be the last person to tell you social media isn’t important, but social media feed and buttons should not be posted so promintenly on your homepage.

An Onion

You see, businesses like onions.


Onions have layers. And so does your business.

And what you want to do is lead your potential clients from the outer layer all the way to the center. Because that is where you sell them your products or services.


So what is in these layers, you ask?

The outer layer has your Social media. Your social media channels get you attention of what you are doing and how you can help others. However it isn’t your platform and it only offers limited space and opportunities to show what you can do.

Then comes the Media layer. In this layer you find everything that you make that gets you noticed. Which means your videos, blogposts, podcasts fall under this category but also your real-life presentations for instance. Everything content, made by you.

Both the Social media and the Media layer point towards the Website. Because that is where you can tell the visitor who you are and what you can do for them. You can describe your Products and services, which the visitor can buy or get in contact with you about buying.

So what you want a potential customer to do is go inwards into the layers of the onion. You want to get them to the center, buying your products and services. onion

No distractions

So if you would put your social media buttons and feed smack in the beginning of the website, people might start clicking and end up on your social media channels again. That way you have just led them away from the right path, sending them all the way back to ‘Start’ so to say. Or even worse, they end up getting distracted on Facebook (’cause who wouldn’t?) and forget all about you…

Now, why would you want that?

This doesn’t mean you can’t mention your social media channels at all. Just think of places that people will generally see when they already checked out more than just the top part of your homepage. Your footer might work, or your ‘About’-page.

Where do you have your social media channels on your website? Do they send the potential customer back to start or are they ment to draw them in?

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