When you want to start a blog, or if you want to improve your current blog, it can be a good idea to have a strategy. Make a (blog)plan on what your blog is all about.

Most of the time people think that has to be a huge, complicated, big plan. But it can also be done on a small piece of paper, like a post-it!

Don’t believe me? Follow the steps below and write your simple blogplan on a post-it.

Blogplan on a post-it

1) What is your topic?

First of all you need to decide what your main topic is? Finances? Coaching? Helping people find peace and quiet?

Got it? Write that down.

Next to it, write some subtopics that are part of that topic.

So for instance, my topic is online marketing and subtopics are blogging, emailmarketing, social media, website.

Do not make it too hard on yourself. After all it’s supposed to be simple.

2) Who are you writing for?

Get an idea of whom you’re writing for. Is it the mum that makes art? The starter that can’t figure out how to make ends meet with his small income?

Try to make it quite specific, because writing gets so much easier if you have a good idea who you are writing for.

My audience? Self-employed people with (almost) no employees that do not have much time or energy to spend on online marketing and therefor want good, easy, doable tips that work.

3) When are you posting?

How many times a week will you be posting? Or will it be once a month? Every weekday?

It doesn’t matter what timetable you take (well, there will be consequences if you do not do it very much but that’s for later), but decide on something you are sure you can do. It will make it easier for visitors if they know you post once a week, and it’s easier for you if you know when your next blog is due.

For now my timetable is every weekday.

You got a blogplan!

Now you got the most important parts of a blogplan. Of course you can make it much more elaborate, which might be good if you have these 3 figured out and want to dive in further, but this makes quite a nice start.

You’ve seen my plan. Post your plan below.