Let’s work on your business plans TOGETHER!

Your business deserves to be seen. Your business deserves new clients that will rave about you. And to do that all the layers of your cake need to work and stack.

You need a good foundation with the right audience and products. We always need to check if this layer still fits us and our businesses. It isn’t something that is set in stone.

Your second layer is your marketing. You need that to be absolutely right. It includes more in-depth about your ideal client and their client journey.

The third layer is content creation.



During a VIP day we start at the bottom of the cake and work our way up. We spend as much or as little time at each layer and each ingredient in that layer as we need to. By the end of the day you have a lot more clarity on the marketing and visibility of your business and you have clear steps on how to proceed.


How does this work?


Pick a day

We set up a date that we both completely block for the day. You fill in a questionnaire beforehand so I have quite a lot of information at my disposal and questions ready to go.


Your VIP Day

We meet on Zoom (a video call) so that we get to see each other while talking. We talk, we work on your business, and get share screens when necessary.

We work for 3 hours, have a break and come back for another 3 hours.


30-minute check-in

Two weeks later we have a 30-minute call to hear how you are doing and smooth out any issues you might have.

Want to meet up live?

We definitely can! And I would love to. VIP days are my favorite 1-on-1 time with clients. I pay for food and drinks during the day, you pay any travel costs I might have to get together.