Site that Shines

A great website starts with a great design. It need to catch the eye of the visitor as soon as they open the website. A good looking website will get you more response and a higher chance of return visits. The design needs to suit your branding and fit in with the kind of clients or customers you want to attract.

But a great design alone doesn’t make a great website.

A website these days needs to be responsive; this means it needs to work well on all kinds of devices: pc, laptop, tablet, mobile, so that your visitor can see your website and read your information clearly wherever they are visiting from.

It needs to be speedy. Ever been to a website that takes 10 seconds to load? Did you wait for it to load completely? Chances are you clicked away before it was even done loading. I don’t blame you. Your visitors will do the same if your website is slow. Digitalie helps you create a fast website that people love to visit.

And most importantly: Your website also needs to convert! It needs to get the visitor to do whatever you want them to do. This could be:

  • Ask for a quote
  • Send you a contact message
  • Buy a product or service
  • Sign up to a mailing list

In the end; make them buy your products or services, if they are a good fit.

Digitalie helps you decide what your visitors most important action is on your website, how to select those that are your ideal client and how to make sure they find their way to that specific action.

Digitalie offers 3 packages for your website, depending on your wishes and budget: Comfort, Dream and Magic.

Site that Shines – Comfort

Comfort is a ready-made website where you can choose from a couple of designs that were specially designed for Digitalie. All designs are modern, professional and easy to navigate. The colors will be changed to suit your branding and the pages will of course be fit to your information. There are 5 pages, including a section for news or blogs and a contact page with a contact form.


Site that Shines – Comfort | €499,-*

Site that Shines – Dream

Do you want a specially designed website? Need a webshop or other forms on your website? Dream offers a custom build website option that is tailered to your busines and your visitors needs. Together we decide what your website needs and how we are going to make that happen.


Site that Shines – Dream | starting at €1297,-*

Site that Shines – Magic

Magic is the complete solution for those businesses that need their website to not only convert but also sell immediately. Magic has an e-commerce section in the website where you can display products and/or services and clients can pay.

Of course all magical sites have a design that is specially made for your business and what you sell. Any connections you need to other platforms will be made and you can have a membership within your own website!


Site that Shines – Magic | starting at €1599,-*

Site that Shines Package options

Let’s line them up so you can compare!

one-time fee
Need a simple, professional website that suits you, your company and brand? This is it!
Responsive website
Fits your branding
Easy to edit yourself
Tutorial videos included
3 pages
Pick 1 of 5 designs
Revision rounds
Contact Form
Possible Addons
starting at
A website, specially designed for you, that sales to your ideal clients like magic!
Responsive website
Fits your branding
Easy to edit yourself
Tutorial videos included
10 pages
Custom design, especially made for you
2 revision rounds
Contact Form
Possible Addons
*All prices are excluding 21% Dutch VAT. If you are in the EU and do not have a tax number I am obliged to charge 21% tax, if you are in the EU with a VAT number I don’t need to charge you tax (VAT reverse charge). Outside the EU I normally don’t need to charge VAT but it depends on your country. 

Let’s talk about letting your website shine!

Want to know more about Digitalie’s Site that Shines packages and work together on making your website a magical place for your clients? Fill out this form and let’s have a chat.