Your Personal Mentor

Want to create your dream business in the next few months?
Get that you need to do the work, but you would prefer not to go at it alone?
Feel like you need someone to cheer you on and support you with tips and advice?


Your Personal Mentor

Hi, I’m Natalie

I am a straight-talking, no-nonsense business and marketing strategist who tells you exactly what to do to make marketing magical and create your dream business. 

I love being your cheerleader and helping you create YOUR dream business!

Natalie Vijlbrief - Digitalie

What you get:

  • Time to dream and create the business you always wanted
  • Me, Natalie, setting out the right strategy for YOU, with you
  • Coming up with the next few steps that you can take towards your big dream
  • Me cheering you on while you work on it
  • A fun time while achieving results
  • Tips, tricks and advice to get you over that next block that is keeping you stuck, and the next, and the next…

This is for you if:

  • You want to dive deep into the strategy of your business, but also want to make sure you have time to act on it.
  • You want someone to cheer you on and support you without hand-holding you.
  • You are sure you will run into (technical) problems/blocks along the way, but also know that a bit of help can make all the difference.

Your Personal Mentor

During the 3 months of the mentorship, I will help you come up with the path to your dream business and support you while you execute the steps to get there. 

We will start off with a 1/2 VIP day to give ourselves time to come up with a plan for those next three months and a set of steps to go through. The plan will be based on my three-layered cake system (Business Foundations, Marketing Strategy and Content Creation) to make sure we work on the right things first before moving on to the next layer. 

Once the plan is made we will have a call each week to see how you are faring with executing the plans and if there is anything you want to discuss or need advice on. In those 12 calls I am there to support you, give tips and push you out of your comfort zone.

After the three months you have your dream business setup and can attract the right clients for you and your business.

How does this work?


The status-quo

Before we start the process you get a personal questionnaire so I have quite a lot of information at my disposal and questions ready to go. 

We set up a date that we both block for the 1/2 VIP day so we have undivided attention on your business.


Your 1/2 VIP Day

We meet in the Digitalie Meeting Room so that we get to see each other while talking. We talk, we work on your business and get share screens when necessary. By the end, we have an actionable plan on how to go forward.

Weekly sessions

The next 12 weeks we have a session of 60 minutes where we work on tasks together, brainstorm, talk about tricks and solutions and get you implementing this plan.

I will support you and cheer you on so you feel empowered and confident in your actions.

Want me to be Your Personal Mentor?
Apply now!

The investment for the mentorship is 2200€*. This includes your 1/2 VIP day, 12 sessions, a gift, access between sessions through email.

Want to book? Awesome! I would love to work with you on your dream business. 

As I think a great fit and click is important if we work intensely for 12 weeks I only take clients after reviewing their application. 

You can apply here:



Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to meet up live. Is that possible?

We definitely can do that for the 1/2 VIP day! And I would love to. VIP days are my favourite 1-on-1 time with clients.

I pay for food and drinks, you pay any travel costs I might have to get together.

The other sessions will be in the online meeting room.

What would we work on during our time together?

Oh, there is so much we can work on during our time together!

That is why we start with a half VIP day. That helps us set out a path to your dream business and see which steps need to be taken in what order to get there. 

You get a personal questionnaire before we start where you can leave all questions you have as well as ideas that have been running around in your head. That helps us determine what is best for you, your business and your clients.