Online Marketing Magic

You are amazing! And what you do is astonishing, astounding, bewildering, extraordinary and incredible. And so everyone should know about you!

But unfortunately they don’t. Not enough, not as many people as you can and want to help.

You have a marketing strategy, sort of, but somehow it just never really flows together. All those pieces never seem to make a full puzzle. You might not even be able to see the full picture of that puzzle yet. And you know that if you want to grow you need to figure this out!

That is where Digitalie can help! We have several options where we look at your (online) marketing together and figure out which pieces are missing. You can ask specific question regarding that one puzzle piece that is broken or we can look at the whole picture. We can have an one-off session or a continous coaching package of several months! 

Whatever suits you, your business and your current puzzle piece, Digitalie has all the options.

Online Marketing Magic – Momentum Session

In 60 minutes we talk about the thing that is bothering you right now regarding your marketing. That one thing that needs to change in order to facilitate growth for your business. It can be as large as the overall strategy or as small as how to work on your blog post. Whatever you need when it comes to online marketing! During our live chat (recorded so you can watch it back) we get to the bottom of what you need and fix it for some renewed momentum!


Online Marketing Magic – Momentum Session | €149,-*

Online Marketing Magic – VIP day

Do you want to really dig down deep into your online marketing? During a VIP day we work on your online marketing together for a whole day while getting pampered. Lunch, coffee, tea, pie, it’s on me while we work on your business and marketing. Whether we are improving your business plan, making an online marketing strategy or writing out your funnel with content. We get to do it together during this day!


Online Marketing Magic – VIP day | €899,-*

excluding travel costs

Online Marketing Magic – 3 Month Mentorship

Sometimes getting a lot of information all at once just doesn’t work. You want to get awesome tips each time when you are ready for it and work on it all out over a longer period of time. If that sounds like what you need, the 3 Month Mentorship is for you! We start off with a kick-off meeting where we decide what needs your focus first and you go away with some actionable steps you can take before our next meeting. Each meeting takes about an hour to an hour and a half and you have 12 sessions which means you have more than enough time to really get all your digital marketing sorted! Between sessions you have my full support. Want to get your online marketing working for you?


Online Marketing Magic – 3 Month Mentorship | €1999,-*

*All prices are excluding 21% Dutch VAT. If you are in the EU and do not have a tax number I am obliged to charge 21% tax. If you are in the EU with a VAT number I don’t need to charge you tax (VAT reverse charge). Outside the EU I normally don’t need to charge VAT but it depends on your country. 

Let’s sprinkle some magic over your online marketing!