Content Creation Course

Feel confident in your content ideas and creation

After having taught content creation to a lot of people in live workshops and 1-on-1’s, I am now bringing it to you in your office, living room or coworking space at a time that is convenient to you! Digitalie introduces the Content Creation Course: The all in one course around coming up with content, structuring content, planning content and increasing engagement and sales. 


3 Most Important Benefits from Content Creation Course

Create content that will help position you as the expert

Save time by structuring your content

Get more engaged and empowered sales from customers

What is CCC all about?

Content is really important in the online world. It helps with your visibility directly and through search consoles like Google. Content for your blogs, your newsletters, your videos, your social media channels. There is so much you need to create. And it can overwhelm and confuse if you don’t have a good way of doing it.

In the Content Creation Course, I will teach you MY way of looking at content, planning content and creating content. You will learn how to not start from scratch each time, how to lead potential customers from not knowing you to loving you and buying from you and what different types of content you can and should make.

You don’t need to do it all but you want to do what you do in the right way so it makes you more visible and gets you more leads and sales.

What You Learn

All aspects of content creation in a self-paced course


Know why you post what you post, when and where, so you can be sure that what you do will bring you results.

Calendar & Library

Use your content library full with content to plan out your calendar so you never have to wreck your brains again.


Use different types of content, so that visitors in whatever stadium of the customer journey will be attracted to you.

Original content

Fill your content calendar with original content to you, to post without a hitch when you need it.



Structure your content from idea into actual piece, so it’s done when you need it.


Find content relevant to your audience, made by others, so that you don’t have to do all the work by yourself.

Course Overview

Module 1: Content Strategy

A Content Strategy is an addendum to your general Marketing Plan and is all about what you want to achieve online, where you will be posting and what you will be talking about.

After this module, you will have your own Content Strategy Plan.

5 lessons, 45 min

Module 2: Coming up with Content

With the right steps it becomes a lot easier to come up with content. In this module we talk about different types of content, how to come up with ideas for each type and how to find other people’s content that suits your audience.

After this module, you will know about six different types of content and why you need them, have come up with content for all six so that you have a lot of content to use for the future. And you will know how to find other people’s content that is relevant for your audience. In this module is my signature system for creating informational content: the Content Tree. A workshop I offered solo before but is now incorparated in this module.

7 lessons, 2 h 30 min

Module 3: Structure your Content

Learn about Content Library and Content Calendar and how to use them to suit your needs. You also get several calendar templates that you can use as a base for your schedule. 

After this module, you will have a working Content Library with a lot of content that you can use, you have a Content Calendar that you can fill and your first month ready to go.

4 lessons, 2 h


Module 4: Practical Content Creation

Get tips on how to make your content creation effective and fun. Know how to save time and which tools to use. 

After this module, you know how to save time with your content creation, got tips on tools and schedulers and learned more about blog structures you can use.

5 lessons, 45 min


The Bonus Module is exactly what it says: it has bonus lessons you can use to up your content creation. I have a few lessons I have made myself, but I have also contacted some other entrepreneurs that I think can help you. 

Natalie Vijlbrief


As someone who has been online since the internet existed content creation is somehow in my blood. And I love that I get to teach it to others. I have done so live in workshops and 1-on-1’s live and online. Now I get to teach all my content knowledge to you through the power of the internet.

Over the years in my business I have taught content marketing and strategy to over a 100 clients and in my job before as a Community Manager and Online Marketeer.

I have given workshops and done countless 1-on-1’s where I explained content, content strategy and my signature system The Content Tree. 

Content creation has never been easy for me. I would find myself doing a little here and a little there. Going over things with Natalie really helped me create a plan, and get content from my mind and into a structure that I can use.

Malene Aerbo Fuglsig


Because of the workshop, I see the usefulness of content creation. I have received very practical and immediately applicable tools for writing. I also came up with 40 topics with the help of Natalie. 

Marleen Jonker

What this course isn’t 

  • A course on how to use Canva, Photoshop, WordPress or any other content creation platform. You WILL learn how to come up with the content, both in subject and content. 
  • A list of ready-made content you can just copy. Content like that is generic and does nothing for your audience. You WILL learn how to come up with content and get loads of ideas and tips.
  • Content tips completely specified to you. I can do that only in a 1 to 1 situation. You WILL see a lot of different examples for different companies.
  • A course on website content. Website texts are more static and don’t fit in this program. However you might gain some tips for your website texts or images. You WILL learn about content for your blogs on your website and how to link back to your website from social media channels in the right way.
The strength of the workshop is Natalie. With telling examples and a hands-on mentality, she immediately gives the students assignments. So much information has stuck with me that I have even helped other people.
Ilse Baartman

After this workshop, I now know where to start, instead of dreading having to write and how to tackle that. […]  I know who I want to reach and what my angle will be and I can’t wait to get started!

Mieke ten Dam

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the course be delivered?

The course exists of several lessons per module. A lesson will have text, most will have a video and some have an assignment, templates for you to download or some other files. 

What social media channel is this course for/about?

This course doesn’t specifically talk about one or multiple channels. Most of the information can be used for any channels, though sometimes it might work better for one than the other. 
This is not a course that talks about specifics for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etcetera as there are many courses out there for that. This is about what you put on those channels, why, with what purpose and how that helps you gain new leads and sales. 

What is the time commitment involved?

This course is self-paced which means there is no commitment per day or week to work on it. I have tried to estimate the amount of time needed per module, but this will very much depend on how much time you put into each assignment. 

I do recommend going through the modules in a good pace, don’t let the course sit for months between modules as you will forget too much of the information and will need to go back.

What if I need more help after I've bought the course?

If you have questions after you’ve started the course you are free to email me. I will reply to all questions asked.

For anyone that feels like they need more help, I am offering 1-on-1 help with a 15% discount. 

Is there a payment plan?

Right now, there is no payment plan available. If the course is out of your budget I would recommend saving up for it. If you really feel like this course is what you need to right now, but you can’t pay for it all at once, send me an email at to talk about it.