3 Month Mentorship

Let’s work on your business TOGETHER!

You don’t need a plan and nothing else, you need to implement. And doing that takes time. 

Your business deserves to be seen. Your business deserves new clients that will rave about you. And to do that we need to have a cake and eat it too!

Cake you say? 

Yes! Your business is like a cake. You need a good foundation with the right audience and products. That is the first layer. Then comes your marketing, your second layer. This needs to be exactly right, stuck in between those other two layers. Your topper is your content creation. This is the most visible part of the business but it won’t function without the other two.

So to have your dream business we need to work on how that cake should look, feel, taste and then bake it!

3 Month Mentorship

During the 3 months we work together in the 3MM we keep working on the next ingredient of that cake that needs attention. To know what we will be working on we start the 12 weeks off with a 1/2 VIP day, where we work on your plan. By the end of this 3 hour session we have an actionable plan we can work from. 

Every week after that we talk about the next step, work together on something if you get stuck and then you get home with the next part you get to work on. By the end of the 3 months you’re marketing is amazing and your dream business is appearing! 


How does this work?


Give me the status-quo

We set up a date that we both  block for the 1/2 VIP day. You fill in a questionnaire beforehand so I have quite a lot of information at my disposal and questions ready to go.


Your 1/2 VIP Day

We meet on Zoom (a video call) so that we get to see each other while talking. We talk, we work on your business, and get share screens when necessary. By the end we have an actionable plan on how to go forward.

Weekly sessions

The next 11 weeks we have a session of 60 minutes where we work on tasks together, brainstorm, talk about tricks and solutions and get you implementing this plan.

Want to meet up live?

We definitely can do that for the 1/2 VIP day! And I would love to. VIP days are my favorite 1-on-1 time with clients. I pay for food and drinks, you pay any travel costs I might have to get together. The other sessions will have to be online through Zoom.

Want to book?

The 3 Month Mentorship is 1999* for one 1/2 VIP Day and 11 sessions. Want to book? Awesome! I would love to work with you on your dream business. 

As I think a great fit and click is important if we work intensly for 12 weeks I only take clients for 3 Month Mentorship after I have talked to them. This is in both our interest. You can ask any questions you might still have and I can make sure that I am the right person to help you.