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There is a lot that can be done in the online world to attract the right people to your business. But do you feel like you know what YOU should be doing?

Creators that are spending too much time feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to attract the right clients, that’s who I work with. I help them with their marketing, so they know exactly what to do and how to get it done.

I truly believe that marketing can be fun, simple and effective and so all my services and products help you make marketing magical while attracting the right customers. As a business and marketing strategist, I incorporate all kinds of (digital) marketing to get the best results but it all starts with strategy!

Let’s make your marketing magic!

Online Marketing Magic


Whether you want a one-off session to give your business some momentum or a long term mentor: We offer different consultancy options to help you get to your dream business online!


Want to help your business forward by creating better content, finding your marketing plan or learning more about online marketing? Get the right course(s) for you and become a better creator!


Everyone needs some magic sprinkled over their online marketing to make it fun and worth-while. Because marketing doesn’t have to hard or take up a lot of time. And Digitalie can help you find your sweet spot when it comes to marketing.

Digitalie will help you find the right strategy for your business in a way that fun and creative while making sure it is realistic. Natalie will be honest and talk straight while keeping in mind your talents so you can express yourself online in a way that fits you!

All consults are 1-on-1 so you get full attention.

Whether you need a one-off session to get some momentum going in your marketing or you want a long term mentorship going, Digitalie offers several consultancy packages to suit your needs.

Momentum Session

Do you want 60 minutes full of tips, tricks and ways to improve the attraction of your marketing on your potential customers? Do you have a specific question or problem with online marketing you need help with? 

The Momentum Session will help you create new momentum for your business by talking honestly and practically on how to improve your marketing in some easy ways.

(1/2) VIP day

Want to dive deep and come out on the other end with much more clarity on your business and marketing. Want to take the time to see the big picture and work towards the small steps that will get you there? 

The (1/2) VIP day will help you imagine the end result for your marketing and your business and then build from where you are to that point in practical, realistic steps.

3 Month Mentorship

Need accountability and time to implement the steps for your strategy together? Want to create your marketing strategy confidently and feel empowered while implementing? 

The 3 Month Mentorship starts with a 1/2 VIP day to make your marketing strategy. For 12 weeks, I give my tips and insights, while you implement the steps assuredly and clearly. You will feel amazing while getting great results.

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Happy Clients


Digitalie offers a wide range of live workshops and is bringing that knowledge and love for teaching online! Her first course, Content Creation Course, is out and more will follow.

Who is Digitalie?

Natalie is the owner of Digitalie. She is a straight-talking, no-nonsense digital marketing strategist who tells you exactly what to do to make your marketing magic. She has knowledge and experience as a marketeer, but even moreso as an entrepreneur herself.

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