You are a small business. You do not have endless advertising budgets like Coca-Cola and the likes to get your brand known. Standing out needs to be done without spending too much money.

That is why you chose to get a Facebook page. Everybody is on there. You can keep in touch with your clients and because they interact their friends get to see it too. It is easy and free promotion.

At least it used to be.

If you have had your Facebook page for a while you will probably have noticed it doesn’t work as well as it did. You aren’t as visible as you used to be.

Not standing out anymore

Why? Because Facebook is changing the rules. Your updates are shown less and less in the news feeds, even of those that follow you. It used to be 16% of fans on average would see your post – already not that great, now is it? – But now, with a new algorithm that Facebook released the percentages are going to be even worse.

Advertise or be buried

What Facebook wants is money. They are a company too after all. So they need companies to spend money on advertising.

And what better way to promote sponsored posts than to make sure normal posts aren’t all that visible…

So that puts you in an awful position: You went on Facebook because you didn’t have the money to advertise but now Facebook wants your money anyways.

So now what?

A new Facebook strategy

If you already have a Facebook page it is time to optimise your Facebook posts. Think hard about the time of day you post (the moments a lot of people are on there probably means that the few that get your post won’t even see it in the sea of posts on their feed). Ask people to actively like and comment so more people see it. Use pictures.

But also think about your strategy. Will Facebook bring you what you want and need: customers? Probably less and less. Think of other solutions to get your company what it needs.

If you do not have a Facebook page for your company yet I recommend you don’t start now. You will be swimming against the tide, trying to get a few people to actually notice you. If you get to a 100 fans, less then 16 of them will actually see what you post. That is not all that great. And you still have to get to a 100 likes first!

So my tip: If you have to start marketing your small company now, don’t go on Facebook!