I get asked quite regularly if someone should pop over from Blogger/Wix to WordPress. My answer almost always is: yes. And it’s a certain YES if this is your business.

If you are reading this you are probably using Blogger or Wix right now to tell your customer about the things you have made. That is great if it’s your hobby and you don’t really care about it. That might sound harsh but it’s the truth.

If you want to be taken professional it’s time to take the jump to WordPress (.org, not .com but we will get to that). Here are the most important points to choose WordPress:

  • You are in control (but only if you use .org, the self-hosted version)
  • WordPress can make you look more professional (Blogger doesn’t have the best reputation)
  • WordPress makes it easy to changes designs
  • WordPress offers you loads more options regarding plugins that can make your life easier
  • WordPress is better for your Google Ranking, especially if you use the right tools to increase the readability for Google

Stay in control

So I tell you all the time to remember to make a mailing list because you’re in control of those addresses and you never know what Facebook might do tomorrow.

The same goes for Blogger. You do not know what will happen to Blogger, Wix or whatever tomorrow. They might decide they don’t like your site and delete it for no reason. They might be bought by another company that decides to pull the plug. If you have a self-hosted WordPress site you are in control.

And even if WordPress would quit tomorrow the website you would have today would stay up and running. This is why self-hosted is so important because if you would have a WordPress.com blog you would still not be in control.

Talking about my reputation

Blogger for certain, and Wix too, don’t have the best reputation.

Of course it is wonderful that everyone can make a website with it but the downside is that people just don’t take websites that are on Blogger all that serious. Everyone can make a Blogger in an instant so why should I trust the person behind it…

Since WordPress is hosted on your own domain AND can be made exactly as you want it, it looks far more professional.

Change designs

There are sooooo many themes for WordPress and loads of those themes have soooo many options that you can make the design exactly to your liking. And if you at some point fancy something else you only need to pick another theme. Blogger does have this as well but far more limited. And we all know design can make you look better (or worse).

Plugin options

WordPress has a million different plugins you can use to make your site even better. It can add functionality or make things easier or improve your SEO. Most other blogplatforms doesn’t allow third-party software.

Love Google

Google loves WordPress. It is easy for them to see what your site is about and what you are doing on there. And with some help from great SEO plugins that loveconnection becomes even stronger.


There is no reason what so ever to not come to the WordPress world.

And I would recommend doing it asap. Because believe me when I tell you that moving your stuff over isn’t that much fun. I might even say it’s like hell on earth.

I did a move from Wix to WordPress a while back and while the designing and building of WordPress was very easy, getting the blogs and stuff over safely was not. So the sooner you move, the better cause there will be less to move.