I regularly give workshops blogging. Some participants already blog but want to learn more, others know they should blog but have no clue how and then there are the sceptics that want to be convinced that they should blog.

And I am ok with that.

Of course you want to know why you should blog, whether you are already doing it, whether you are just beginning or even if you are on the fence about it.

So in this post I want to address you need to blog.

7 reasons to blog

1) Blogging allows you to show your opinions and expertise better than social media ever could
Twitter only allows for 140 characters, Facebook allows more but research shows it’s best to stay under 120 (or rather even around 40) while a blog actually gives you the space to go in depth about a specific topic. The ideal word count for a blog actually seems to be 1600 (rather than the 500 that was the rule earlier) so you have enough room to talk about anything you want. Please do stay on topic though.

2) Blogging allows you to post about specific subjects every time and keep them all together in one space.
Per blog you want to talk about one specific topic, one question you got asked, one problem you want to solve. But there is so much more you could talk about. So the next blog you write about another topic, and another, and.. Having a blog gives you the opportunity to keep all these posts together in one space so people can flip around and check out other posts easily.

3) The blog is yours
You could be posting on Facebook but what if Facebook decides to stop tomorrow? All your posts could be gone, leaving you with nothing. Same goes for Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and all the other social media. A blog can be yours. I do recommend getting your own hosting for a blog. Don’t use WordPress.com or Blogger or something but get your own WordPress installation or Joomla or whatever. Otherwise the blog isn’t completely yours either. And if Blogger quits you might have blogged for years but have nothing to show for it either. So make sure the blog is yours.

4) You can show some personality
By having a blog you have room for some personality. Most website texts don’t allow for your own personality to get through, but a blog is a great place for it. And since authenticity and connection are becoming more and more important for people that want to hire you, showing who you are and what you know is key.

5) You can show off you, your company and your products
As a company, whether you are alone or with 50 others, you want to show more of who you are. That isn’t just the personality we just talked about in number 4, but also how you work, what you sell, what problems you fix and the customers you help. It gives the potential customer an insight into your company and gives them more feeling with the workings of your products and services.

6) Reach new people
If you write a great blog people will share it on social media. And that way others might pick it up and read. So blogging can help you reach new people, whether those might be your ideal clients or not. When they love what you had to say they might share again and again, reaching more and more people. Or they might even tell at home. This way chances of you reaching new customers are enormous.

7) Get some love from Google
Google loves websites that keep updating, keeping the content new and refreshed. A great way to achieve that is writing blogposts, since it is new content for your website (if you implement the blog into your website, which I highly recommend). And writing blogs will show Google which keywords are important. If I keep writing about blogging chances are that I will show up for blogging, atleast sooner than if I never use the word. Google can only know what it sees, so if you write about finance a lot it knows you are knowledgeable about finances. By blogging regularly about your favorite topics your keywords will show up and tell Google what is important to you. Google will award you with a higher ranking.

These are some reasons why you should blog. If you already blog, what is the most important reason for you?