Why should people buy from you?

If I would ask you this question right now, what would you answer me?

Think about it…

It is a confident answer? A clear, concise story? Or would it be more babbling and stuttering?

The 2nd one? Yes?

Don’t worry I’m not here to judge. Being able to say why YOU matter is not the easiest thing to do.

Knowing why people buy from YOU

Why people buy is all about your positioning, your branding, your product and your target audience. They all have to come together to make someone feel like you are the one for them.

They need to believe your product is right for them specifically, like you made it just for them.

And that has a lot to do with marketing of course.

But it has a lot to do with mindset too.

The only way you can tell people convincingly that they should buy from you for this, that and such reasons, is if YOU believe it.

Mindset is key to marketing and sales

You need to believe you are the absolute best person to help them.

If you do not believe they are the right audience, if you do not believe your product or service really works, if you do not believe in your branding or in yourself, then how do you convince someone else to do so?

You really need to believe in your worth. In YOU.

And the way to get there is by working on your mindset.

Write down all the reasons why you are amazing at what you do. Why you have faith in you. Make a list of at least 50 reasons.


This exercise can be immensly hard (it was for me) but next time someone asks you why they should pick you you will know EXACTLY why they should pick you. You have at least 50 reasons why they should!

How do you think that will make you feel?

Exactly, like a million bucks and like you know exactly why they should buy from you (or not)!

Have you ever worked on your mindset?