Content is crucial, but it can only be useful if you know why you are creating it.

What are you trying to achieve?

Yes, we are talking goals!

When starting to get serious in content creation, you have to decide why you are making content and what goals you want to achieve.

Good content can…

  • teach people something new
    You can inform your audience about something they didn’t know yet.
  • show people you are an expert
    By creating content around a topic, content that pinpoints specific problems and helps with solutions, you show that you know what you are doing and that you are an expert
  • drive people to your website
    And from there they might sign up for your newsletter or buy your product
  • get you new clients
    If you have call-to-actions in your content to your products and services directly, you can use your content to gain new clientele.
  • improve your reach
    If people love what you create, they can share it with other people. Which means you reach more people and become more visible
  • show who you are
    Next to showing your expertise you can also show your personality with your content. Your ideal customer can get a better view of who you are
  • improving customer service
    By answering questions, explaining processes and lifting the ‘curtain’ from behind the scene you can improve your customer service

When deciding the why for your content creation, you might think you want all of this, and maybe you should. However, I would recommend focussing on 1 or 2 specifically. That way, you can make sure you keep those topics in mind, AND you reach your goals. Later on, you can always switch your focus to something else.

So what are your reasons for creating content?

  • Giving information
  • Showing expertise
  • Driving traffic
  • Gaining clients
  • Improving visibility
  • Branding your company
  • Improve customer service

How will you know these goals are met?

To make sure you reach those goals, it is best to be specific in how you will measure whether the goals are achieved.

What exactly will you reach within that focus? When will you achieve it? How will you measure it?

So do you know WHY you are talking online?

Why are you talking?