Last week I was talking to a friend which has all these amazing ideas of products and services and marketing efforts for her business. And they really all sounded wonderful and awesome!

But I could tell as she was talking about them that she was getting overwhelmed. There were so many great ideas. And they all needed to be executed. But they all would take time and so where should she start. She felt like they all had to be done RIGHT NOW.

And so I shared this tip with her that I want to share with you today.

Where to start with acting out your awesome ideas if you want to do a lot for your marketing

Ok, let’s say you are in the beauty business. You have this amazing set of products you want to sell. But you know it is going to take a lot before people are ready to do that, because it isn’t cheap (even though it is totally worth it!).

So you come up with several ideas:

  • Make a tester
  • Have a product seperate for sale
  • Have a stand on ladies nights
  • Have a flyer about how skin products can enhance your beauty
  • Vlog about beauty and skin care


Great ideas right?

But that means you have to start making testers, decide which product you will seperately (or maybe even add an extra products which means new product development, package development, etc), make flyers, come up with an attractive stand design, make vlogs.

Ahhhhhhh, where do you start??

Identify the order of your marketing efforts

You know that the way you want it to work is as followes.

1) They find you through the stand, they get invited in by the great design and you talk to them and give them a flyer to take home to read more
2) They find your vlogs and watch several about skin care
3) They check out your website
4) They request a tester at home
5) They buy the seperate product
6) They are wowed and ready to buy the full set

In a nutshell of course, it might not always go exactly like this. But it is important to have like a general flow you will want people to follow.

Now it’s time to work backwards

So deciding what to focus on first is really easy once you know this. You go backwards:

6) Check if everything is ready for them to buy the whole set
5) Make the seperate product or buy extra of that specific product. Make sure that it is easy to buy that one solo.
4) Make a form for people to request the tester. Get all the processes in place
3) You probably already had the website. But do you need to add something to make it look, work and feel good?
2) Make a few vlogs and decide on a content calendar for you to make more
1) Make your flyer and your stand design

The reason I recommend this is that you will feel even more overwhelmed and stressed if you start with #1 and it works. Then you suddenly really feel like you need 2-5 in place STAT. Working backwards you make sure the next step is in order each time before moving on to the step before.

What is your marketing plan? Where are you in your execution right now?