Lately I have been hearing lots of stories about failure. People who found themselves in a corner, because of their own fault or not, because they needed a change or just because something didn’t click.

Examples of failure?

For instance I talked to someone two weeks ago that saw his business fail after another business he worked with went belly-up. Suddenly he went from a thriving business to almost being bankrupt. He is now working very hard to get the business back on the road, with some major changes because the market had changed.

Another women decided that being self-employed might just not be for her, at least not now, and had the courage to start looking for a job.

No, Success!

What I love about these stories is that they aren’t at all about failure but about staying strong and working your way through it. It doesn’t matter if something goes horribly wrong as long as you evaluate, adapt and try again. I think that is the real kind of success, evolving with whatever comes your way.

It’s like every time you fail you have a New Year’s party. You get the chance to make new resolutions, have new paths you want to explore.

Like Winston Churcill once said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

What’s your failure like when it becomes a success?

I have had my own fair share of failures and I will no doubt have many more. Some failures were big, like the time I only stayed at a job for a week because deepdown I knew I shouldn’t have taken the position in the first place. Others were small like marketing actions that didn’t do as well as expected. But I keep at it, improve, adapt, change. And I see improvement every day, going more and more in the direction that I want.

So what are your failures and how do you turn it around?