We are working on your online marketing plan. A plan that gets you into action mode since you won’t have to think anymore, just do.

We already worked out the basic steps on the easy online strategy and thought about your audience. Today we are going to work out their problems.

What’s their problem?

Because if you want to connect with your audience you have to think about what their problems are.

Remember, this is something else than the problems you see they have. It is what problems they know they have. What is keeping them up at night, worrying?

For instance, they might be thinking “I don’t feel the love of my partner anymore”. They might think their partner may not love them anymore, while you know it has more to do with taking some real one-on-one time, no tv, mobiles and all other technology that drives a wedge between them.

Or they might be thinking “I am suffering from stomach aches a lot” Not knowing they might be allergic to lactose or gluten or …

So, write down: What is the problem your client is currently facing, that he is aware of?

How does he feel because of this? 

Got it? Great!

Now write down: What problems are the underlying causes of this? and How can it be fixed?

If you have this figured out it will be so much easier to make packages that really help your customers, and to make content to match.