You can be an online marketeer, a online media specialist, a social media manager, a personal branding expert, a marketing consultant, a ….

Well, you get the drift.

All different names for people that more or less do the same kind of job in my business.

The other day I got asked if I shouldn’t call myself a personal branding expert instead of an online marketeer because I helped people show the best side of themselves and their businesses. But that is what an online marketeer does as well, and a marketing consultant, and…

The days are over when you were a plumber or a lawyer. There are no straight answers to what you do anymore. So is it important which job description you choose?

Yes and no.


Yes, your description is important

The description of what you do gives the other person an idea of the field you work in. If you are an online marketeer chances are you aren’t really great as a plumber (though you never know, since this guy I saw on tv was both a vet and a beautician…) and a plumber probably won’t paint your house.

So the description helps to describe what field you work in and what kind of jobs you take on.

No, your job description is kind of irrelevant

But with so many specialties these days the description only give the other person a idea of the field you’re in. They will have to ask more to know whether you are great at marketing campagnes, or advertising, or social media or.. or .. or.

They won’t know what you do just by looking at your face and it is not much better for a job description.

So in the end the job description is kind of irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if I call myself a personal branding expert or an online marketeer. You will just know that I am in marketing. That I am here to help YOU become your best marketeer and teach you all the tips and tricks, that is just something I will have to tell you.

There is just a bit of truth to a name

So don’t get to hung up on getting the name of what you are/do just right.

Just make sure you let everyone you meet know what you are passionate about and what you specialise in and all will be A-OK!


What name do you use and do you feel it covers what you do well?