Ok, so we all want our website to look pretty and awesome and enticing. Right? And in the process of making it look that way we can make our websites big and cumbersome and not that ideal for that ideal client – because they will need to weed through a lot of info to figure out if they want you.

I have been building quite a few one-page websites lately (where they whole site is just 1 page, with a few sections) and decided to come up with a list of what your website REALLY needs (to still be attractive to your ideal client).

3 things your website must have to get new clients:

  1. A short description of what you provide
    What result can you give the visitor of your website? Peace of mind (relaxation coach), a stronger body (personal trainer), waking up in time (selling an alarm clock) – what ever it is, you need to say/show/tell them what result they get. But it does not need to be elaborate. Short and sweet will do
  2. Who you are
    Tell them quickly in a few sentences who you are and why do can trust you
  3. How they can contact you or buy from you
    Give them an (email) address / phone number / shop link. Just make sure they can get in touch and/or buy

That’s all! In the end, when it comes down to it, that is all you really need to get clients and customers to your business.

Everything else is EXTRA. Yes, read that again: it is EXTRA. Long descriptions of your services, free advice, testimonials – I am not saying they don’t help selling your services but you do not NEED them on your website.

An extra NEED:

Oh there is one thing you need no matter how basic your website is: A privacy policy!

It might not be part of the marketing and selling but it is a really important document and getting more and more important with the new privacy laws (GDPR) coming up!

Is your website this basic? Or does it have a lot of extra’s?