The last few weeks I delivered 3 websites, while also working on my own (this one and a Dutch version – both not yet finished). That’s a lot of websites to make. Because I made so many in a short time spam I noticed that it is really important to know a few key aspects before starting on your website. Some of these I didn’t have in order when starting work on my own, others I noticed with clients. I might have already known these but sometimes you forget the importance of things you know.

So here it is:

Things to know before starting the webdesign process:

  1. Your target audience

    Obvious one isn’t it? And if you have your general marketingplan in order, it shouldn’t be all to hard. Think about who you want to reach with your website.

  2. Your goal

    A website has one goal. And it isn’t tell clients about all services I have. Sure, you can post them on your website but your most important goal is an action you want your visitor to take. It might be subscribing to a newsletter or setting up a consultation call. What is it for your website?

  3. Your content

    What kind of content do you have? REALLY think about it. Do you have features of a product, or different kinds of packages within a service? Do you have pictures that you want on there, do they need to be shot? This is one I always do for my clients but when it comes to my own websites I find it is quite hard. See, you need to know what is important and what isn’t. What does your potential customer wants to know right here and there, and what can be asked at a later time… The better you thought about this beforehand, the easier (and therefore cheaper) it is to design and build your website. You can ask for help on this one. People that do this all the time (like me) are more experienced at seeing what is most important, but they can’t do it without you.

Once you have this information designers can make your website actually within no time at all. I made a website within a week for one of my clients, with all alterations, texts written, even photos that needed to be taken made. Once you know what you want and need it is really easy to do.

Do you have this information on hand for a new website? Is there something else you want to have done before you start work on a new website?