On Saturday I visited Madame Tussauds Amsterdam with some friends. Before I went in, I thought it would be fun to see all those ‘puppets’ but it was a lot more than that. It wasn’t just about seeing, it was about experiencing.

You can touch the figures, get pictures taken with them or take their place for a second. You can sit on a throne like the Queen, take ET home or lay in a bed with Robbie Williams.

It took a bit of time before I let my friends take pictures of me too (not really my cup of tea) but getting your picture taken really adds to the overall experience.


Here’s what you can learn from Madame Tussauds for your marketing:

  1. Get people involved from the very beginning

    What: While you wait in line at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam you are standing on a red carpet. This way you already start to feel like a famous star. Then your visit starts with an employee taken your picture with Obama. This way you really get in the mood.
    How: Get people involved with the realisation of your product or service or let them decide what kind of products you sell.
    For instance: I am working on an ecourse ‘Mastering your own online marketing’. The testers and early buyers both help, in different ways, with the development of the course. This way people get involved from the beginning.

  2. Make it something they can ‘feel’, not just see or read

    Me @ Madame TussaudsWhat: Madame Tussauds makes sure you really feel like you are near Lady Gaga. Or want to get your picture taken with Messi. You can feel like a DJ with Armin van Buuren or feel like the Queen while sitting on her throne with a crown and scepter. You feel part of the exhibition instead of just checking it out.
    Make people ‘feel’ like they are there with you. It depends completely on what you do how you should achieve that. Make a video of the way your company works or make people feel you care by honest, open and real-time communication.
    For instance: When it turned out that my mothers laptop might not come in time for her to take it too France I turned to Dell on Twitter. They tried to help by adding a note to expedite the order, kept in touch with the developments and asked if the laptop arrived ok. In the end it still came too late but the way they tried to help really made a difference.

  3. Add a bit of trend

    What: One Direction did two concerts this week in the Netherlands. Thousands of teens were completely happy to see their idols. Madame Tussauds had their figures moved to Amsterdam. Great timing of course. There was a huge line on teens that wanted to get their picture taken with ‘One Direction’. The company even had to make an official waiting line. Adding trend helps your company.
    How: Work with something that is happening in your country. Add your own spin to it.
    For instance: A shoe selling company in Groningen told everyone that the day after The Netherlands – Spain World Cup match he would take 10 euros of the price for every goal scored by ‘our’ team. Unfortunately for him the Dutchies scored 5 times! And he had to take 50 euros of every price. But it did give him a whole lot of promotion… 🙂

  4. Sell something, then sell some more

    What: A few times in Madame Tussauds you didn’t have the opportunity of taking your own picture. An employee would take your picture for you with Obama, with One Direction or you could pose as Michael Jackson. Letting the employee take your picture was without any obligation, you could check out the picture in the end and decide if it was cool. But if you wanted the picture you could only get it by paying for it.
    How: Sell some thing, then sell some more. It’s easier to get people to spend more money when they already spent some. So don’t sell an expensive ticket including photo’s for One Direction or Michael Jackson. Less people will want to buy those expensive ticket. Keep the tickets reasonably priced and sell those photos separately. This is called upselling. People will be much more inclined to pay once they are in and are having fun.
    For instance: A lot of companies offer free or cheap webinars. Then, at the end of the webinar, they tell you you can now buy their product or service. There a lot more people that will do that then when they just get an email saying you can now buy …

  5. Get an ambassador

    What: We went with a friend of mine that is quite extravert. I love her energy, she is very enthousiastic and open. When we went to the exhibition she soon started making pictures of almost everything and with everyone. Loads of selfies later my boyfriend and I got in the picture taking mood too. She really was an ambassador for picture taking fun.
    How: There are always people that love what you do. Find them, or help them find you, and then use them to speak on your behalf. They can make tutorials about how your product works, tell what they love about your service or recommend you to others.
    For instance: When I meet other self-employed people that are in need of a great accountant and they live near me I will gladly refer them to my accountant. The accountants could use that by making me their ambassador and letting me know new development before the rest. I will feel respected that I get to share some news that others don’t know yet.

What marketing tips from Madame Tussauds will you use for your own marketing?