So you have decided you want to blog. Great!

I am glad you feel like blogging will be a great addition to your marketing, because it is a great way for you to reach your current and new customers. And I got to say I love blogging!

But before you jump in by getting a blogsite and starting to write, let’s take a step back. I want to talk about a few things that are great to keep in mind when starting a blog.

5 tips to keep in mind when starting a blog

1) Your marketingplan
First up: your marketingplan. What does your marketingplan say about audience, messages you send to your audience, your products and how you want to come across? This is really important when starting to blog because you want to use that information in your blog as well. And how are you going to fit the new channel (your blog) into your marketingplan? Have you thought about that already?

2) Your blogplan
If you figured that first point out it is time to work out your blog idea further with a blogplan. A blogplan talks about the audience of the blog (which might be a partial of your whole audience for your marketing), what you want to achieve with your blog and the themes you want to discuss on your blog. We will be talking about a blogplan some more on Thursday.

3) Your time
Do you want to post daily or once a month? When working out the schedule for the blog you need to keep the amount of time you got into consideration. It will take time to write a good article for your blog and so you need to make sure you have got that time before starting a schedule. It is important to be consistent when blogging, more so than it is important to blog a lot. So why don’t you start off at once or twice a month and see how that works for you. It will also give you time to reread your blogposts before posting, which is especially great if you are just starting out.

4) Your audience
Who is it your going to write for? You should already got that figured out while making your blogplan, but do you really have a good visual of that audience? The reason you need to keep your audience in mind when starting a blog is that it might influence the kind of posts you write, the way you write and how you explain things.

5) You
Let’s not forget you in this equation! You need to feel comfortable with the decisions you made regarding the blog and you need to work yourself into your posts. In the end the only way posts really work is if they come from your heart and excude the passion you have for a certain topic. So read back to the answers you have given to the other 4 tips… are YOU in there, are you feeling ok with those answers?