Content is hard. Sometimes it feels like you can just post anything you want but then suddenly your Facebook reach tanks or everyone unsubscribes from your newsletter list… Or in a (not much) better case: nothing happens.

Last week on Facebook I talked about 3 reasons you can’t get your content right.

You need to:

  • know your audience REALLY well
  • use the right channels and make the right kind of content for those channels
  • break up your knowledge into small enough pieces to be able to get it across

But there are also things you should not DO with your content, if you want it to work for you instead of against you.

Things not to post as content:

  1. Only offers – Seriously, if you are doing this now STOP. I had a client a while back that couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t getting more (potential) clients through his Facebookpage. When I checked the page all posts were about offers, packages, services… It was all about his business. It’s a bit like if a shop employee comes and stands next to you when you walk into the shop and keeps saying “This shirt is on sale” “We sell pants too” “Did you know that this weekend all jackets are 20% off”… ALL THE TIME. Relentlessly. Would you run out of the store? You bet! Would the potential client ‘run’ away from your Facebook page? You bet!
  2. Links, links and more links – “Check out this blog post on our website”, “Go to our contact page” “This is a cool website”. You know linking to websites is a great thing to do.. sometimes. But if you overdo it, it becomes annoying. And if you do it on Facebook it can have serious consequences. Facebook doesn’t like it if you keep sending people away from Facebook (they like to keep people on Facebook) and so outside links (links that do not stay within FB) should be used sparingly.
  3. The content doesn’t suit the channel – How would you feel if you suddenly saw a lot of memes on LinkedIn? Or very direct, professional talk on Instagram? Even if you didn’t consciously realise you would feel like something was off. Content suits a specific channel or not, or the other way, certain content fits one channel or another, and if you don’t follow that it does ‘look’ weird but it also doesn’t work. People don’t get attracted to that content. It might even be unappropiate like the memes on LinkedIn.
  4. The same content as the other channel(s) – So what if I follow you on Instagram and Facebook, and every time you post something on Facebook the exact same thing appears on Instagram?… or the other way around? Or, even worse, it really is the same post that you have automated to be posted in multiple places. Does that make me feel like I have to follow you everywhere? No, definitely not! So next to the fact that content has to suit the channel you also want to make sure it’s different at times or at least posted at other moments, other days, to give the audience the feeling they want to follow you in multiple places.

Ok, so now you know what NOT to do. Let me give an extra tip on what you should do:

Repurpose content

The fact that you don’t post the same exact thing in multiple channels, doesn’t mean you can’t reuse it. In content we call it repurposing content and so you could make a blog post, a video, a few IG quotes and multiple FB posts out of 1 piece of information. That’s a lot of content!

Have you ever done any of these content don’ts? And have you repurposed content before? Let me know on Facebook!