A client of mine just started his own 1person-business. Starting out isn’t easy and so money is tight. But he knew he needed a logo, color scheme, business cards, maybe stationary, etc…So he asked me what I could do for which price. My graphic designer and me laid it all out on the table for him.

This amount of money would buy you this, this amount this, this amount this. And we even advised what would be best for him right now. Spend most of what you got on a logo, you can’t change that anymore. Spend a bit on business cards and just do the stationary and stuff later. There are easy ways to make people believe you have stationary without actually having it.

Money is tight, I know

The economy isn’t booming.

Which means you aren’t making a big income.

I know.

I experience it myself and I see others that experience it.

And that means money is tight for you (and me).

You don’t have an unlimited budget to spend on marketing, while you know it is important that you get certain things right.

So that is why a lot of times I hear people asking what x euro’s can buy them. I’m ok with that. You know what you can spend and want to know what it can buy you.

Other times people want it all but only want to spend x. That is not how I roll. Sure, someone will be able to do it. But the question is what will you get? Will it still be the right quality? Well thought-out? Changes are they will be skimping somewhere, and you will notice.

If you want quality a small budget isn’t impossible. It will just buy you a little less, but the quality will still be high.


What money can buy you:

Small budget

You can get part of what you want. Not much alterations are possible. If done by a professional it will still look good and your business will shine through.
Example: A website that has an out-of-the-box theme will save you money. There aren’t much alterations possible but a pro will try everything within the theme to make it as much ‘you’ as possible.

Medium budget

You get most of what you want. Some details might be different or missing, since they aren’t possible or would go over budget.
Example: A website that can do almost everything you want. Based on a theme but with loads of alterations and extra’s, so it has the ‘you’-feeling.

Big budget

You get what you want. That’s what you pay for.
Example: Website exactly as you want it. With all features, special elements, etc. It has that WOW-factor and ultimate ‘you’-feeling.

There is no wrong or right. There is no shame in saying: “I would love for you to do all my marketingactivities, but I only got x. What should I do?” Just remember to get your expectations in line with your budget.


Have you ever had to say you could only pay x? Did you get everything or only part of what you wanted?

**cover image by ossikal @ freeimages.com**