As most of you know I joined the 30 day challenge in November. In this challenge you decide on a project you want to do and then work on it 6 days a week. Your project may change but you do have to work on it every day and see where it leads.

My project was blogging every weekday for the whole month.

Some data

I wrote 20 blogs in November and posted them all between 8.20 and 8.45 (CET).

In total the website was visited 530 times this month, 44% of which were recurring visitors.

You came from all over the place to visit my website, not only the Netherlands, but other parts of Europe, England, Australia and America.

Top 3 read posts:
(96 pageviews)
(81 pageviews)
(63 pageviews)


I also started a newsletter, which now holds 19 subscribers. I’ve sent them 3 emails (well the first ones 😉 ). After a great suggestion from a subscriber I’ll be changing the day of the newsletter to Monday.

Working on all the info on marketing for small businesses and getting all these questions about it, I also got the idea for an e-course online marketing for small businesses and started work on that. And I have some great idea for services and products that can help you start your own marketing or bring it one step further.


All in all I’m really happy with the results. And even happier with how you all reacted to my posts. I want to thank you all very much for your support.

I will keep on blogging 3 days a week for now, and will start working on the other products and services.

If you have any questions about marketing for small business, just leave them below in the comments or email me.