Yesterday I had a really interesting talk with a marketeer that specialises in data. He helps companies get new insights about their customers with data they already own, but do not use. It is a fun part of marketing that I haven’t talked about before.

Data marketing

I feel it is important to have a mailing list as a company. It gives you email addresses to work with, and some extra information to boot. What if you also have database full of people who actually bought something in your store and you know people that clicked on a green shirt also clicked white pants a lot… would you combine these three information sources for extra information?

You would think companies would do that but most of the time it isn’t merged into one big database full of interesting new facts and possibilities.

What kind of possibilities you ask?

Possibilities of data marketing

Well if you know because of your website analytics that people that buy red pants also buy a blue shirt then next time a customer bought a pair of red pants you can send them an email asking them if they would be interesting in this blue shirt.

And if you are a worthy cause that finds out half of your database haven’t given money in 4 years, should you still send them (costly) magazines telling them what your cause does every month?

Merging different information sources into one gives you a whole new opportunity to browse through your database full of people and select individuals or groups of people that need specific forms of attention. Newsletters, magazines, calling, it is all possible if you get this together.

What kind of information sources do you have about your customer? What can they tell you about your customer separately and what can they tell you if you combine them? Have you ever tried?