Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was the last part of the Harry Potter movie series. It was split into two movies, called Part 1 and Part 2 (not much creativity there), to do the huge book justice.

With the split of the last Harry Potter book into 2 movies a new sort of marketing was born in the movie industry: splitting the last movie of a serie up in 2 parts (even when it makes hardly any sense).

Almost everyone will agree that for the Harry Potter book it did make sense. The book itself was very big and there was so much going on that it would be a pity to cut it down to a 2 or 3 hour movie. And so, the first split up happened…

Since it worked out very well for the movie industry they saw their chance when the Twilight series came around. Here too the last book was split up into two movies, while for this story, it did not make sense to make two movies out of it. It would have easily been possible to just make one movie out of the storyline.

And now the same thing is happening with the Hunger Games. Mockingjay, the last book, is split into 2 movies while most fans feel that it will do nothing for the story and it could have been captured in one movie easily. People feel the industry is only splitting these stories into two movies because of the very nice financial implications.

Harry Potter showed the industry that people will pay, even if the story is cut in two, and now they are continuing doing this to stories where it doesn’t make that much sense.

What to split and what to package

So why am I telling you this? Well because there is something that we can learn from this story: know when to package items together and when splitting up is ok.

We, as companies, make packages all the time. You put together multiple products that go well together or belong together, or you make a ‘branding package’ as a designer where you do logo, color scheme, website design, business cards design, into one complete package.

But we split up things to. You can buy a scarf and mittens separately while they are part of a series. You can buy a small e-course first and then decide if you want to do the full-on, bigger e-course.

It is important that we keep checking if it makes sense to package/separate items.

The separate mat that everyone needs

Press BossFor instance I am looking into a die cut machine for my crafting. My eye was caught by the Press Boss. This is a die cut/embossing machine, which will do both. With the machine, you always get the two cutting plates, but loads of stores sell the embossing mat separately. And believe me, (almost) everyone that buys that die cut machine will want the embossing mat as well. They want a die cut/embossing machine for a reason after all. So it would make more sense to make a package with the embossing mat. Even if it would cost the same as the two separate items, it would just be easier on the customer.


Be on the lookout when it is ok to separate items and when it is better to package them. Noone had a problem with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows splitting up into two movies: it was for the better. And so if that it the same with your product or service then don’t feel bad for splitting it up. But don’t be that producer/movie director that decides to split up a story that is just enough for one movie, just because of the financial gain.


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