We all know branding is important. That it makes or breaks your brand. But we never realise what would happen if we would pick another branding than we have at that moment.

Branding needs to be on point

So your branding needs to be spot on. It needs to fit you, your company, your audience and your message. That is quite the task.

Good branding is recognised every time, like Nike, McDonalds or Coca Cola.

People will know who you are, who you serve and what you stand for. Maybe not the first second they see it but certainly quick enough and they never forget it again. They will recognise you anywhere!

The elements of your brand

To build up your brand there are several things you need to think of. It exists of several parts. It all starts with your name. Your name becomes part of the brand but will also influence they look and feel of the brand. That is why a name is very important.

Then you have the font and the colors. They work closely together to SHOW you what the brand is about.

A handwritten font will give of a completely different feel than a strict all caps font. Most of the time a brand will have 2 or maybe even 3 fonts to play with.

Colors have meaning. They mean passion or professionality, nature or love or danger. Adding several colors together will show your audience what your brand stands for.

Last but definitely not least there is the image, which we call the logo most of the time. It’s an image that shows off your brand. It can just be your name in certain colors or there can be an addition of a graphical element that may or may not be used on it’s own.

The difference it can make

Having a different color, font or graphical element can change everything! And changing them all, oh my!

Maybe you remember my old branding:

My name did not change but I changed almost everything else about it.

I wanted something that was brighter and showed of my most important aspects: simplicity, fun, integrity, enthousiasm, professional. All things I missed in the old logo.

The imagary is not in a graphical element anymore but in the images I add to my posts are business people, being relaxed, having fun, while doing their jobs with ease.

For one of my clients we completely changed her branding, even the name! I feel it suits her soooo much better now. And she actually keeps telling me that she feels more confident in her business which means she is seen as more confident by (potential) clients too!


What is your branding like? Does it suit who you are?