You need a name.

It is your identification. For your brand, your product, your cooperation, your person.

You need a name so people can call you, can talk about you, can promote you to others. And so it is very important to think your name through.

This might seem a bit confusing as last friday I wrote that a name isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. But in the end it’s actually really simple:

Your title, whether it is coach or marketeer or branding expert, isn’t all that important. I could call myself business coach and still be talking about the same things. While your company name, your brand name, that is important. It has to give people an idea of what you do and what you stand for. It will make them want to hear more about you or turn away at the spot.

The characteristics of a good name

Therefore you need to think about your name. Take your time, don’t rush it. Use a brainstorm session to get you going and when you think you have the name, let it sit in your brain a bit. You will either get more enthousiastic about it and everything else seems to fall into place (which means it is right for you) or stay in doubt (than throw it away and start anew).

So what does a good name do for your brand? It gives you:

A hint what it is/does

Sure, it doesn’t always happen but a good name gives you some idea of what the person does, or the product can do for you. You should at least get a feel of the field. However it should stay a hint. Names like ‘Johnsons Plumbing Services’ are just plain boring and leave nothing to the imagination.

Some other ideas

It is even better if you do not just get one idea of the field this business is in, but some extras. Mostly done by evoking an image and turning your mind to the connotations that go with certain terms. When the business is called ‘Knight’ people will start thinking about knights, the Medieval Times, swords, damsels in distress, and much much more.

A feeling of personality

These connotations help with giving the company some personality. The name will make you think the company is strict, or already around for a long time, or hip and happening. The logo will support these believes.

A bit of fun

If possible, some humor or fun in the name is great. Add something unexpected, get the connotations to work against each other when the name exist of multiple parts or add a funny touch that you can use althrough your company.

An example for the two last ones: We just made a name for someone that has an & sign in the middle. This & sign will be used in all his titles for workshops  and the main titles on the website to give a solid feeling that the & is important. It adds a bit of fun and personality, since the & is a connecting sign and he is a coach, connecting people with themselves and others.

What is your brands name and what characteristics do you want it to portray? Let me know below in the comments.