“Do I need to write a lot and/or write very well to have a blog?

No, you don’t!

First of all, because writing about a great idea can never be bad. Your enthusiasm will shine through. Secondly, you will get better at writing if you keep at it. The saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ isn’t wrong here. And last but not least:

Who says you can only WRITE on blogs?

More and more people are using blogs to show off photos. Completely by themselves or combined with a little text explaining what, why, when. These blogs are all about the photography or the image itself.

There are even a lot of WordPress themes that depend on a lot of photos to work their magic. And what about Pinterest? That is just one big photoblog if you ask me.

So if you have a business that creates (or can create) a lot of visual material, you should definitely consider starting a photoblog.

Business that need to have a photoblog

  • Photographers
  • Painters
  • Creative people selling a product on Etsy or the like
  • Fashion industry people
  • Make-up companies and make-up artists
  • Architects/building companies
  • Travel agents/agencies
  • Journalists
  • People selling practical solutions they want to show off in practice (a personal organizer for instance)
  • Personal trainers

What sort of company do you have? Do you see yourself using photos?