Have you ever made an awesome package of services you know your ideal clients need but you knew you could do even better?

You might have made this awesome self-study for instance that helps them get through all their mindset issues, but you know it is EVEN better if combined with 1-on-1 coaching?

You know the course works but with coaching it just works so much better!

And so you’re stuck on how to offer your package: with or without the coaching.

Cheap or expensive packages

The difference between a self-study or coaching is enormous. One is so much less work, less time for you than the other.

Which means the price between one and the other is huge.

So if you would offer the package WITH coaching the price would be so much higher than without.

And you know some of your ideal clients might not be able to pay for such an expensive package, while they are exactly who you want to be able to help.

But you know coaching gives the coarse even more ‘Oomph’ and therefor it feels like a sin not offering the coaching.

So what to do?

Make it VIP

When you have these kind of questions you can really be frustrated and confused on how to proceed. But in the end, the solution is really easy:

Make a VIP option.

You talk about the course and how amazing it is, you make sure people want to buy it.

And then you give them the VIP option. It is all they want to buy and then some.

This way if people can afford the VIP option, and see the benefits of those amazing extra’s, they will buy VIP, but if they don’t have the money, or just want the cheaper solution they still buy.

Now isn’t that a great way to be able to help so much more people??