This weekend I got a question of someone that had the great idea of letting participant post pictures of their interiors. I really, truly think that is an amazing idea that has great power for her business. However, because she wanted to do this, she felt like she needed a Facebook page.

I see this all the time. People have a great idea to keep in touch with their clients and then they feel like Facebook is the way to go.

Thing is… it isn’t!

Ok… it might be, but it certainly might not.

When pictures are your main focus, Facebook is ok-ish, but there are much better options. Like Pinterest, Instagram or FlickR.

So how do you know what is right for what you want?

Let me break it down for you in a short and simple guide:

The short and simple social guide

Disclaimer: This is really simplified so it is not complete. There are a lot of social media channels that I have not mentioned here. There are also possibilities within the channels that I have left out. 

Facebook page
Great for keeping in touch with fans if they are over 30. The younger generations is less likely to actively engage with content. Events, photos, video’s, can all be posted here as well as short news. Only an avarage of 18% of your fans will see a message you post.

Ok at telling people what you are doing, since the halftime of a message is only 30minutes. Great for (joining) conversations and talking to (possible) clients. Good for showing expertise. You only have a short amount of characters.

Though believed to still be the small baby, this social network is really up and coming. A lot of possibilities and the added bonus of being great for your SEO (search engine optimalisation), aka Google will like your website more.

Great for pictures. You can multiple boards showing different themes. You can also open up some of those boards to collaboration.

Photos all the way. You can find specific topics on Instagram with special sites like More individual, but an easy way of collecting photos

Can be used both as a professional and as a company. As a person you can connect with clients and other relations and let them know what you are up too. What services you are working on, the client that was completely happy with your product and the chances you are making to your company. Best conversion rate when you post links. A great networking opportunity you should not miss.
As a  small business a business page might be not as useful. You are the company and people will know you personally.

Makes 6 second videos. Quite hard to master but gives lovely results. Still new and therefor will put you up as innovative.

Could be great if you have a location based company. You can show where you are, people can check in and you can give exclusive discounts. Only works of course if your customers like social media and use Foursquare. Not a lot of people do and there it really is a niche social.