The shape of your content

13 Mar 2018

When we are talking about content there are 2 things to consider: what you are going to tell and how you are telling it.

You will need both substance and form to make interesting content, both topic and shape. In another post I will be talking about the what but today I want to talk about the how, the form or the shape of your content.

How to decide which form is right for your content

Considering the right shape for your content is really important. You need to keep in mind:

  • What you are trying to convey
    Some topics are easier to make visual whilst others need more text and explanation
  • Who you are making it for
    Your ideal client might be a visual learner or might like text or audio better. This is really important when deciding the shape of the content.


This will leave you with several options you can choose from. You can then pick what feels right for you or what suits your personalilty and talents (are you better at writing or talking into thin air?). There is no real right or wrong answer here, though it is important to try out several and see if there is a difference in how well it is received.

What form do you want to use for your content?

23 shapes for your content

Below I have written a lot of options that you can choose from. This list is in no way, shape (see what I did there?) or form complete, but it might give you some new ideas:

  1. Blog post
  2. List
  3. Guide
  4. Ebook
  5. Review
  6. Slides
  7. Image quote
  8. Infographics
  9. Meme
  10. Animated GIFs
  11. Comics/cartoons
  12. Product photos
  13. Customer photos/ testimonial
  14. Client case
  15. Photo serie
  16. Podcast
  17. Audiofile
  18. Teleseminar
  19. Video
  20. Vlog
  21. Webinar
  22. Live video
  23. Music video


Because people learn in different ways you don’t need to pick just 1. You can reuse the same topic in multiple forms to attract different people with different shapes of your content. This is called repurposing and makes creating new content a lot easier.

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What forms of content are you most likely to use?

**This blog post is a repurposed old blog post from 2016 that I have updated and renewed to fit 2018**



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