When we are talking about content, there are two things to consider: what you are going to tell and how you are saying it. “What” is about the type of content. There are different types (engaging, inspiring, informational, sales, your story, behind the scenes) of content that you can post. And then there is the “how”. The “how” is all about the form, or shape, of the content.

You will need both substance and form, to make exciting content – both what and how.

In 6 Types of Content, I talk more about the “what”, but today I want to talk about the form, also known as the shape of your content.

Shapes for your content

There are many different forms for your content. Below I have written a lot of options that you can choose from. This list is in no way, shape or form complete, but it might give you some new ideas:

  1. Blog post
  2. List
  3. Guide
  4. Ebook
  5. Review
  6. Slides
  7. Image
  8. Infographics
  9. Meme
  10. Animated GIFs
  11. Comics/cartoons
  12. Product photos
  13. Customer photos/ testimonial
  14. Environment photos
  15. Client case
  16. Photo series
  17. Podcast
  18. Audiofile
  19. Teleseminar
  20. Product video
  21. Testimonial video
  22. Animated video
  23. Vlog
  24. Webinar
  25. Live video
  26. Music video
  27. Text
  28. Icon series

How to decide which form is right for your content

To decide which of these forms above are right for you, there are quite a few things to consider.


Who are you trying to reach with this content? Some people are more visual, while others love listening or reading. You might need to switch it up so that whether they are readers or watchers, they have enough content of you to consume.

But also; who are you? Which feels best for your personality? Are you more introverted or extraverted? Do you find it easier to talk or to write?


Where are you going to post this content? You won’t post images on YouTube or just text on Instagram. That is not how those channels work. So knowing where you will post it indicative of the shape of the content


What will you be talking about? Yes, the “what” is essential when deciding the form. Some things are easier filmed or photographed than others, and you need to keep that in mind.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you have several options you can choose from. There is no right or wrong answer, try out several and see if there is a difference in how well it is received.

At the same time, know that the same topic can be made in many different content forms. It’s even something I highly recommend. It makes you reach different types of learners, and it means you can repurpose your content more, making it easier and quicker for you to make your content and post regularly.

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The shape of your content