I think it’s high time we talked tools. Because I really believe that to make your marketing simple but effective you need the right tools to support you. And there is something every online entrepreneur needs: a mailing list (in whatever shape or form). So that is why today we are going to talk about my favorite mailing list tool!

You need a great mailing list system to get great results

Mailing lists used to be all about mailing people every week with the same information at the same moment without ever considering if it was the right time for them. Some would be interested but for a lot of people it would be to early and it would do nothing. It might even turn them of you.

No more!

These days some tools have gotten so advanced that you can know exactly who needs what in their lives and you have the ability to offer it to them! People go through different phases before they buy, and then they might buy different products or services, based on what they need. So you need a system that allows you to seperate people so you know exactly who is where and what they need.

Lists vs segments

A few systems still use different lists for everything. That might mean that someone might be on 6 of your lists if you are trying to know what they need and what they have taken from you. You won’t be able to see any connections between those different products because nowhere can you find that that person is on all of those different lists. You have no clue she is such a hardcore fan of yours.

It also means that you have to pay for that person 6 times! Because for those systems you pay per person on your list instead of unique email adresses. This means that if someone is loving you, you’re paying extra. Which means that a lot of users of those kinds of systems don’t really feel like having too many lists, and therefor can not really know in which phase the customer is.


That is why I use ConvertKit and I recommend it to my clients. ConvertKit only adds an email address once. People get sorted by tags & segments instead of lists. This means that if I look at that same girl from before, I suddenly see that she has download 4 of my free things and bought 2 courses. Now isn’t that interesting! It might be the right time to email her about a special offer that I won’t send to just anyone!

I have tags for people who requested a specific free download, who bought one of my services, for people who clicked specific links in emails so I know I need to follow up, … Anything I want!

Sending emails as part of a course

Because of these options it is also really easy to use the system to send email courses to someone. One of my customers has several courses to help people who are without work temporarily to stay positive and healthy. People can subscribe to the course and then get their emails every weekday starting the monday afterwards, without her intervention, which means they all get it when they need to.


I truly believe a ConvertKit account set up right will make your marketing and life so much easier! Want to know more about how YOU can use ConvertKit and to set it up? I’d love to help you. Just send me a message and let’s get in touch!

Full Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to buy the service I get some money in my account. You do not pay any extra because of it. I only link to products and services I use(d) and love.