I know you are already working on your business plans for 2015. You have some events planned out, some products on the market, working on getting new clients for January and on… But are you already working on your marketing for 2015?

Your marketing plan isn’t a document that is made once and then put into a drawer. It is a living document that should be changing constantly while keeping your main points and values in tact.

And so, December is the perfect time to look forward to the new year and see if you are going to add any channels, change content for some channels or maybe are gonna stop using some channels.

I thought I’d help you out by talking about the channels that are most important for small business owners in 2015

The most important media channels of 2015


If you know me you know I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to Facebook and small business marketing. With the reach for posts as low as it is – and reportedly even getting lower – you may sometimes wonder why you still bother with Facebook. Thing is that if you are selling to customers the can still be found on Facebook, and they expect you to be there. So while it might be hard to reach new people through Facebook without an enormous advertising budget, your customers expect you to be there when they look for you.


Just as people expect to find you on Facebook they expect to find you on Twitter if they are in need of customer service. If customer service is an important part of your business, make sure you are on Twitter. If not, make sure your customers are really there and that you can actually reach them.


For anything visual Pinterest is a must, especially if your customers are females. And remember, 80% of all budgets are spend by women, so chances are high that your customer is indeed female. Play around with different ways to use Pinterest, by adding more user generated elements.


I don’t talk about Tumblr all that much but the blog site is a huge deal. And so are all other kinds of blogs. If you have regular new information, updates and fun tips make sure your blog is up and running.


Can you share what is happening in your company through photos? Then definitely get Instagram. It will stay strong in 2015.


LinkedIn is still going strong if you use it right. Groups are doing worse every year but connections are still being made, people still share and help. So be a human being, help people out and get your business through LinkedIn in 2015.

These channels were in no particular order by the way.

As you may have noticed not much will change when it comes to the channels that we will be using this next year. But content, context and segments are gonna be more and more important. Sending the right message to the right people at the right time.

So make sure your marketing plan is ready to be really clear on what is important for whom so you can reach your ideal client even better in 2015!