If you have a kid you might be used to the question ‘Why?’. You try to answer as well as you can and move on. But in business we do not ask the question ‘Why’ enough.

And that is a pity, because having the answers to ‘Why’ can bring you quite a lot.

You can ask ‘Why?’ many times a day in a business:
Why is this THE action I should be taking right now?
Why am I focussing on selling x not y?
Why am I doing this alone and not with others?
And many, many more…

But in the end the most important one is

Why you do what you do?

By answering this one you’ll be able to:

  • Explain this better to potential clients, partners, sponsors and your family.
  • Convince people you are the right person for the job.
  • Change your business. Instead of ‘I sell computer’ you now sell ‘Devices that are easy to use’.

Why needs to be your starting point in your business.

And believe me, that is easier said than done.


Golden circle

Simon Sinek talks about the Golden Circle, the Why-How-What in a TED talk How great leaders inspire action.

Golden CircleMost people start with the ‘What’. They can tell you exactly what they sell. If you ask more they will tell you how that works and then why you need it. This is the conventional way, this way doesn’t make brands stand out.

But the great people, Sinek explains, start with the why and work their way out. This way, the ‘why’ is a much stronger entity, making your brand remarkable. With such an ‘unique’ brand you can entice people to buy from you.

If you want to sell you need to get your ‘why’ in order and then fill in How and What to get the right business model for your business.


So I want to know: Why are you in business?