After you are done writing your blogpost completely it is time to think off the great title to go with it.

And believe me, that is not an easy feat.

Writing that killer headline that will persuade people to read your article takes work. And to be honest, I am still learning there too.

However I do have some tips for you that might help writing that great headline you need.

Tips for a killer title

  1. First up is something I read a while ago that I haven’t tried yet, but should start that really soon. The article I read said it is better to think up a whole lot of headlines before deciding on one. First of all, it helps finding that fantastic title, which might be a combination of multiple things you think of. Secondly, you can’t remember all of them, so by not writing them down you might forget the best one of all. Thirdly, those titles you don’t use might be great content for your social media posts with a link to this article.
  2. A title should offer something tangible that the reader wants to know, something that will really help them in some way. Don’t tell them in the article they are just going to learn something. No they are going to want to implement it in some way.
  3. Some words or ideas work really well in a title:
    1. Numbers – as in “3 steps to … ” or “7 tips to get rid of …” Oh, and uneven numbers work better than even
    2. A question in the title – A question works well, if the reader is thinking that same question all the time
    3. Dramatic words – ‘the worlds greatest …” or “the most amazing”, but also “The biggest mistake…”
    4. Using a newsworthy event – If a vulcano hits the Netherlands today I would recommend a post that has anything to do with vulcano’s (but seriously, a vulcano disrupting here would be scary, not to mention really unexpected)
    5. Promises – Now who doesn’t want to be promised something, especially if it is believable
    6. Unexpected comparisons – Really, do you expect a blogpost about the similarities between brewing beer and writing a marketing strategy? No? Neither do your readers so it will help letting their curiosity get the better of them.
    7. Humor – We all love humor and so it helps writing awesome headline

What is your best tip for writing amazing headlines?