If you want to blog you need to start with a plan: a blogplan. This plan is a stand-alone plan that does keep your marketingplan in mind and shouldn’t just be a completely new idea and strategy.

A blogplan exists of at least 3 items: audience, goals and theme but you can expand on it with quite a few other chapters if you want/need to.

Your blogplan


The first thing you need to decide on is your audience. If you have your marketingplan it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out your target audience. It is either the whole audience for your company, or a specific part of that audience. But if you haven’t got a marketingplan this is really important to figure out right now. Who do you want to have read your blogs? Why do you want to connect with them?

For all of you, whether you got your audience figured out in advance or right now. Describe the ideal reader. Who is he/she? What does he like? What kind of friends does she have? Where does she work? What does he do in his free time?


You also need to figure out what you want to achieve with your blog. You will write different pieces if you want to inform and empower than if you want to convert sales. Here are a few possible goals you might have (you can pick as many as you like):

  • Show your knowledge
  • Increase your visibility
  • Give the reader an insight into you
  • You want to get the reader to buy a product
  • Get new emailsubscribers
  • Inform and empower readers
  • Educate
  • Entertain


You need to establish the theme of the blog? Is it finances? Isn’t that too wide? Are you going to focus on company finances or personal finances? Or maybe it is even a specific topic within one of these subjects.

It might help to construct a question that you will be answering for your audience. This question need to big enough so you aren’t able to answer it in one blog, ’cause that will leave you little to do afterwards. It should be a specific question with an answer where the answer can be explained in more depth and recalls other questions in the process.

For example: If you install ponds for a living, the question that most of your customers have is “What will I need to do to get a new pond in my garden?” And so the theme for your blog will be the installation of ponds. That question will also help when you try to make a ‘blog tree’ which is something I teach my customers to help them think of a lot of topics for blogs really fast.

Other elements

There are many other elements you could put in your blogplan:

  • Frequency – How many times a week/month/year will you be blogging?
  • Sort blog – Since blogs can be text but also photo or video you can add a section on what type of posts you’ll make
  • Subthemes – Are there specific topics that you will be discussing within your theme?
  • Sharing – Where you will be sharing your blogs and in what frequency?
  • Writers – If more than just one will be writing it is good to make sure it is clear who need to write how many times a year and do they have specific topics?
  • Keywords – What are important words you want to rank on in Google?
  • Editorial calendar – You can add an editorial calendar that describes who will be writing what when with what title and which keywords will be involved (More on this in my newsletter today)

Do you have a blogplan?