You and I, we both don’t have all day to sit behind Facebook. We don’t even have the time to go behind Facebook on the exact moment we should be posting a message. We want to spend our time on the core business: our products and services.

But we do know social media is  important and timing our messages is important. So how do you make sure that you will post something every day, on the right moment, while you should be doing other things?

Work ahead!

A lot of my clients don’t realise that Facebook, Twitter and a lot of other channels have the ability to schedule posts. This means that when you have a moment you can write a post and plan it for a moment when you know loads of people will read it. You can plan posts for another moment the same day, but also for a moment a month from now.

What I always recommend to my customers when they are just getting started is to work out and schedule all messages for 1 week. What do you want to say? When will you be posting them? Do you have a nice mix of messages right now? Try this for a few weeks. If this is going well you can plan ahead even further. I sometimes post messages for a whole month at once. I might add something during the month, or change something, but I don’t have to think about it all the time.


Another advantage of working ahead is that you make your messages fit eachother much better. You could write all messages about a special theme and adjust everything to that theme. You will have a special moment where you will write all those messages so you will have time to think about all those different kind of messages that need to fit each other. Would you need to make a message right now for a specific theme then it will be much harder to think of a great post while if you are writing loads of them at once you will get into a flow. The flow will help you make more content even quicker.