Marketing is all about what people think of you. You want to attract your perfect client and repel those that are not.

You see that on tv, in the newspaper and on billboards but it works for your online presence too. Maybe even more!

That is why the energy you put into your marketing is really important. If you feel the wrong kind of energy when making something, you will repel people you might not want to repel. And with the right energy you will attract that amazing client you’ve always wanted to work with.

What is the ‘right’ energy? And how do you find it?

Good energy for your marketing

Good energy is in sync with who you are, what you want to achieve for people and who your ideal clients are. It’s sending out the right vibes to people so they know you are exactly what they need.

It exists of belief:

  • Believing in yourself
    Really important as this energy shows through in your marketing. If you do not believe that you are the right person, the client will feel that.
  • Believe in your solution
    You need to be sure that your products and services will help your clients.
  • Believing in your clients
    When you believe you will attract the right people for your services, people aligned with who you are, then chances are much bigger that you do attract them.
  • A positive feeling
    Knowing those things above should make you feel positive and happy. This will shine through in your messaging.

How to find that good energy?

Ok, so that sounds great but how do you actually get that good energy going when marketing your products and services?

  1. Work on your mindset
    You need to believe in YOU and the best (and maybe only) way to achieve that is to work on your mindset. There are many ways to do that, like journalling, mindset cards, but also taking a walk or listening to podcasts. Choose what works for you
  2. Get your vision really tight
    I know you have a vision. But how strong is it? How clear is it? By working on your vision and your reasoning behind it, you will be much clearer on it. And this will shine through in your marketing. Working on your vision is really important and something that needs constant attention, not just once. Use vision boards, a business model canvas, journalling, plans to get this vision as clear as possible.
  3. Happiness work
    It’s hard to have good energy when you are not happy. It is therefor really really important to take care of you, so you are happy and satisfied. As entrepreneurs this is something we skip, because ‘there is so much work to do’ but this is just as important. That is why I called it ‘Happiness WORK’. Take the time to dance, laugh, read, walk, take a bath. Whatever makes you happy and whole.


Do you feel like you have the right kind of energy when you work on your marketing?