Remember when you were young, you would look through your story books, checking out the images? You might even have been too young to read. Or you would just prefer flipping through the pages, looking at the pretty images, to reading the texts.

I loved reading when I was young. I devoured books you could say. I read all the books in our small library in our village. At some point those books had no images anymore and I remember that the first few books without images made me feel really uncomfortable. Because how could I know what the hero(ine) would look like without an image? Or what the setting was? In the end having no images for those fiction novels worked because you could let your imagination run wild. But I will still feel that way about images when it isn’t fiction but a real story.

Images help you out

So why are images so important for us, whether we are young or old? You probably know the saying

A picture is worth a thousand words

And there is (a lot! of) truth to it. No matter the amount of words you use, when it is a real event a picture will always describe the scene better than words. Maybe not the atmosphere or the sequence of events, but there are some things that are better depicted than described.

The difference a picture makes

So what does that have to do with content for your website you might ask?

Well, let’s read this text:


So what did you feel when you read this text? Sure, you know who I am now, but does it really resonate with you? Do you feel you can trust this person? 

Now try again:



Does it feel different now, seeing my face next to it? Does it feel you can relate more, trust me more?

It probably will.

The image of me can bring across a feeling I could never describe in a text.

Use pictures on your website

This is just one example of many I could give. I could show you the difference between a blog with or without a header, the difference between a story with a photograph of the event or one without.

The point in the end is: You have to use pictures!

Use pictures whenever they can show something that words could never describe. Let pictures help get your point across or show the scene you are describing. Use images to help along your story, whether it is just a story or a talk about your product.

Friday we will talk about the use of images with statistics.