So our business onion has 4 layers.

  1. Social media
  2. Media
  3. Website
  4. Products & services

But how do we choose what channels we need within each layer?

We will work from the inside outwards now and start with products & services.

Products & services

The channels you need for your products & services are the things you need to actually deliver it. So a membership website for someone delivering online courses, a book if you actually publishing a book (duh!) or the container in which you package the baking goods you sell.

So far so good right? You know your products & services well so that shouldn’t be a problem (and you probably already got this covered or are working on this).


Now for the website the channel is quite simple: a website. But there are many ways to create a website.

I would always recommend having your own hosting and own url, so no website on something like

Use a developer if you have the money to make the website looking good but even more importantly working right. A great developer knows which elements of your services or products are important to highlight and which are not. This way you will get the best website you can get to sell your products & services with.

You only get one shot when visitors are at this layer. And they decide really quickly if they want to read more or go on. So make sure your website gets their attention.


There are loads of options when you get to this level. Media are everything that has depth, shows off your expertise and draws people in. Media could be:

  • e-book
  • podcast
  • video
  • real-live presentation
  • webinar
  • blog
  • photo

And there are probably even more that you can think of. When you get to this layer it is really important to really think about what you want to show and which media are right for that. At the same time I encourage you to try different kind of media for a great mix of channels that could attract your customer. Some love video, others don’t. Some love e-books, others don’t. By having different options it is easier to draw the attention of your customer.

Social media

And then we get to the outer layer. The social media. There are of course a lot of channels here as well. For instance:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Slideshare
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Please pick a few channels, not too many. Keep in mind your audience, your media and your own personality when deciding which work best. Remember that all social media channels have different ways of communicating with the audience. For instance Twitter is more for informing, giving tips, while Facebook is more entertaining, fun stuff.

I would love to know which channels you pick for each layer. Let me know below in the comments or in an email for more private conversation.