Sometimes, when I tell people they should start blogging, I am met with a lot of doubt and questions.

“But what would we tell? We can’t start giving all of our secrets away! We would have nothing to do if we would tell everything to our customers.”

Maybe you are thinking the same.

Sharing knowledge doesn’t mean you lose it

I give my knowledge away. One of my big examples Stan Smith from Pushing Social is giving his knowledge away. Big stars like Seth Godin and Richard Branson are giving their knowledge away. Someone else who decided to give his knowledge away is Derek Sivers after reading someone’s journal.


Because you might learn something – but you won’t learn it all.

Because it shows their vast amount of knowledge  – and therefor you know they are the experts.

Because they feel it’s better to share – and you might share in return.

And that’s just the reasons to share your knowledge, there are many more reasons to have a blog.

The brave new world of knowledge

I know how you feel.

It can be scary to share your knowledge with the world, because you have no clue what can come out of it.

But instead of thinking of the negative possibilities, think of all the good that can come out of it.

Think of what could happen if you would show the world every thing you know!

They might find out you are an expert too, and you might get a lot more clients.

You might be asked for speaking engagements. You might be asked to write a book.

Instead of focusing on the bad possibilities, focus on the good and share what you know with us all.


Are you afraid to start a blog and share your knowledge? Let me know below.