We all want to be seen by (potential) clients. Whether we want our head on a bill board or we want people to just know our name, without visibility we don’t have much chance of staying alive as a business.

And so we do a lot of research; about the best way to build a website, how to be seen on Facebook, how Instagram works, what Twitter does these days, whether we should be on Pinterest.. and so on and so on. And if we believe some of the experts out there, we really do need to do it all. It looks like they are telling us to do it all and be online 24/7.

But I say: No you don’t!

You DO NOT have to be on every channel out there, you DO NOT have to be online 24/7, you DO NOT need to know all the ins and outs of every social media out there.

So what DO you need to know?

The best way to grow your visibility

There are only a few parts of getting visible online and they aren’t all that difficult or time-consuming:

  • Know your selling points

    Be really sure you know who you are, what you sell and why people need to buy from you. You might not like ‘selling’ but the only way to get money is to sell stuff. Selling doesn’t need to have that bad aftertaste. It doesn’t mean you have to be pushy or annoying, that has nothing to do with selling. Selling is just about receiving money for your product or service.

    Knowing your selling points is about knowing what makes you unique and amazing!

    For instance: People come to me because I can combine both marketing and technology to make marketing, business and life easier for them, so they achieve more in less time. Easy isn’t?

  • Know your audience

    Knowing your audience is really important. The only way you can connect with your potential customer and make them SEE you, is by talking TO them. They have to feel like you are talking about them specifically, noone else, and that is not going to happen if you only know your client a bit. If you only know they are male and feeling fatigue, you don’t know enough to make them feel like you know them inside out and only you have the key to solving their problems.

    Knowing your audience is all about getting into the head of your (potential) customer and knowing their feelings before they know it.

    For instance: I could say I cater to small businesses, and that is true. But I have a list of feelings and specific characteristic of the specific kind of people I am here for. Want to know a few? My ideal client has: integrity, an introverted personality, a strong need to help people and a little bit of knowledge of technology.

  • Choose the RIGHT channels

    Now this is a really important one. It is not all about the amount of channels you use but using the right channels. I have an assigment I do with clients where we pick a few channels per customer phase and they all have a maximum amount of channels you can choose per phase, but you get bonus points for repeating channels so that you end up with even less.

    Because it isn’t about the amount of channels, it isn’t about being hip by being on the newest channels, it is all about being in the right place at the right time to pick up your amazing ideal client that was longing for you.

    For me Facebook is an important one for getting to know new people, and my list is very very important for keeping the connection alive. I have several other channels with specific purposes to get that perfect client to see me.

  • Be consistent

    Something a lot of people forget when they talk about visibility is consistency. The best way to really be visible without a lot of work is by being consistent. Being seen consistently on one channel like Facebook will have a lot bigger impact than randomly showing up in a few places. Consistency helps you be top-of-mind for those people that need you. If you get seen a lot then people feel like you are very serious about what you do.

    Being consistent doesn’t mean you have to log every day at the same time to post. There are several ways to deal with that. Being consistent is about being seen with the right message by the right people on the right channels in a regular way. Now didn’t that all fit together nicely?

If you want to grow your visibility without a lot of work too, send me a message and let’s get to work! You can be SEEN by your perfect clients too.