You might have noticed the lack of content for the last two weeks on this website. I got the flu and wasn’t able to blog at all during that period.

But it did gave me something to talk about:

The benefits of having regular new content

As my health declined so did my blogs’ health. Less visitors, less pages checked out per visit, less time on website. During those two weeks I did not post anything, I definitely saw the difference.

So what does regularly posting content bring you?

  1. Traffic
    That’s an obvious one, isn’t it? If you post something new people will want to read it, which means they will come to your site. If you post new content regularly there is more to read and therefore the amount of visits will increase. Two weeks of non-posting (but some people tweeting older posts) meant a decrease in visits of 50%! I can’t image how bad it would have been if no fan had tweeted either.
  2. Return visits
    If people can count on new content regularly, whether it is every monday, every weekday, every …, they will return to check for the new content. This means more return visits from those people. When people visit you regularly and like what they see they can be turned into fans.
  3. Trustworthy
    When people expect content to arrive every x days, and it does, you get points for that. Saying something and then delivering, being consistent, it will increase your trustworthiness. You deliver what is expected and that makes visitors like you better for it.
  4. SEO
    Google loves regular new content on a website and will give you points for it. So posting new content will earn you a better place in Google rankings.
  5. Sales
    Well, with an increase in content comes an increase in traffic to your site. Any site will have a certain percentage that converts from visitor to client. So with more visitors you can get more sales. Isn’t that wonderful?

What other tips do you have to keep your website healthy? Let me know in the comments below.