You have a great idea. An idea for a business, with one or more products and/or services. A small business, just you, but you know it can be great!

So you want to create an awesome brand for that idea. But how?

Of course you need the product or service but here are the 7 ingredients you need to turn your product into a brand:

1. YOU

It may seem corny and obvious but the first thing you need for that brand is YOU. You have something unique that you bring to the table and it is definitely part of creating your brand. Especially if you are self-employed. What do you stand for? What do you want to be the most important part of your brand? That is where it all starts.

2. The name

With your idea and yourself as starting points you need to start brainstorming about your name. Because the name needs to portray what it is all about. Yesterday I did a brainstorm with a coach who is just starting out and we just jotted down all kinds of words that reminded us of what the business owner wanted to be about. His name (with Knight as a name, it can be interested to use it), words that reminded us of nature, travelling, changing paths. Don’t forget synonyms as well. Just start saying things out loud. Things that sound ok get written down and later trimmed down again.

In the end you get the name that give your brand the right feeling.

3. The slogan

Though the name needs to give people the right feeling and needs to evoke the right connotations it can not do it all by itself. The slogan is just as important. If the name might get people interested but not quite sure what it is you do, the slogan should add to it. It doesn’t have to be a complete explanation but needs to compliment the name. Take your time with the slogan. Use the words from the brainstorm for the name. Sometimes things that got cut in the race for the name make a great topic for the slogan.

4. The logo

The looks of the name and slogan are important. Colors, fonts, spaces, it all adds meaning to the name and slogan. Designers have a way of getting your brand to a whole new level by making a logo.

Logo DigitalieMy own logo is the combination of name, slogan and a symbol. In the symbol are loads of ‘d’s from Digitalie intertwined. It stands for connection between people, connection between different media channels and interaction between people while it also looks pretty and a bit like a flower. The vibrant colors are cheerful and upbeat and are my favorite colors. They also stand for professionalism, empathy, creativity, honesty and high quality.

5. Your tone of voice

Next up is how you talk. Not just to customers whilst that is a big part of it, but also in all your marketing communications. Do you use a lot of business words or do you want to stay down to earth? Is your text full of metaphors around nature or is it simple and plain?

None of it is wrong as long as you have clear reasons why you choose to write and talk a certain way and keep it up.

6. Your website

All your marketing channels add to your brand, just by deciding to be on a channel or not, but the most important one is your website. How you make your website, how it looks, where the eye of the visitor is taken to first, it all adds up. Your brand is different if you decide to put your 3 most important products on the homepage or if they need to click 3 times just to see what you offer. Your brand is different if the homepage is all about you than if the homepage is all about the experience the visitor wants.

7. Your customer

Last but not least the ingredient you need for you brand is your customer. These days a brand is made or broken by the customer. You might have a great idea of what you want your brand to be but if the customer decides differently there is not much you can do. (Except completely changing everything and making a big scene but let’s not go there). Your customer is a great and amazing part of your brand. They can rave how amazing your product is, show pictures, make videos, write testimonials. And it is exactly those expressions of love for your brand that you need to get others to believe in your brand and product.

Never forget to love your customer and turn them into fans.


There were the 7 most important ingredients for an awesome brand when you have made a great product.

Do you feel like you have all of these in order? Let me know below.