Your business is like a cake. A three-tiered cake to be exact. And if your first layer has holes, the whole thing will come tumbling down.

This is in short how I explain why you need to have all pieces of the puzzle right when it comes to online marketing. You can have amazing content, but if your marketing rumbles, it won’t do much. You can have fantastic marketing. Still, if your business basics miss elements, it won’t be as successful as it could be.

Your business as a cake

Building your business

Business foundations

You start building your business with the business foundations. These are all about how you will make money; who will be your customers, what are they buying from you, how will they be able to purchase from you (stores, course platform, …), what roles will you need in/around your business?

I always check if these foundations are sound before we work on my clients’ marketing or content. Because if they are not, it will be hard to get the marketing and content down.

Ways to work on your business foundations include a business model canvas, writing out your ideal clients and working on your products/services.


The marketing layer is all about your marketing plan. You need to know your audience for this, and what you are selling, so you can zone into the right words, images and feelings to surround that. You will also decide on which channels you will use for communication and marketing purposes (which may or may not overlap with the buying channels).


Once the first two layers are up, content can be a breeze. You have a great understanding of whom you are talking to, why and what they need to know to make an informed decision.

Working on your content exists of a strategy, a list of topics to talk about and the actual creating of content.

Reviewing your business

Sometimes when I talk with people about their business, they assume that because they have set up their business model once, they are golden. However, in the meantime, they have changed, their ideal client shifted, and they don’t want to work in the same way.

It is imperative to keep reviewing your tiers, especially your business foundations. Because if those are off your whole cake will slide.

And there is nothing wrong with checking in with your foundations to see if they still fit. I am actually doing this myself right now and I do this at least once a year. Many times the answer is just ‘yes’ or only minor adjustments are necessary. Still, sometimes it is just time to change the mould altogether.

December is an amazing time to check out your business and see if anything needs adjusting for the new year! Do you need help with that? Go check out my (1/2) VIP days!