So you got your social media plan. You figured out which channels are best for you, your audience and your content.

And now you got a list of all channels that your company should be using and you are feeling overwhelmed…

Newsletters, blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube videos…

Where to start?

All at once

Most clients I meet have the feeling that when the plan is in place they need to start working on those channels all at once.

It’s where they need to be right, so they need to be there RIGHT NOW!

It is not a race.

You weren’t there before (or you weren’t really active), so would it matter if you weren’t using that channel for just a few weeks more??


Let’s do this right by starting up slowly.

Pick the most important channel and go work on that:

  • Set it up properly.
  • Send out your first newsletter or schedule a few posts.
  • Find your tone of voice, the best way to talk with your customers (see how I didn’t say TO your customers there).

Then, when you are feeling ready and the first channel doesn’t hold much secrets anymore, and only then, do you set up the next channel and repeat the process.

And don’t forget to keep working on channel 1 while you are setting up the next one…


They say it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit.

And you need your social media communication to become a habit.

So take your time with each channel so you work on it almost automatically.

It is better for your audience that you have one channel that actually works like a charm, where there is consistent new content than 4 channels that are erratic at best…

How are your social media habits? Well formed or just starting out