Promoting your business through engaging, interesting content can be done in many ways.

  • Text, like I am using now, is still very popular and has loads of uses. It can work very well for some sort of learners but won’t work all that well for people who are visual learners
  • Photos, images, infographics and the likes work better for visual learners. We all know the saying “A picture is worth a 1000 words”. A picture or image can describe things in ways text will always have trouble. But some things are hard to explain with just pictures.
  • Video combines those two options. You have text, either written or spoken, combined with images, whether that be someone’s head, screenshots, photos… Video is very popular and gaining traction every day.

That is why I decided to talk about video today. What kind of videos can you make? What can you do with them?

Video categories

There are different kinds of videos, and videos can fit in multiple categories:

  • Entertaining – Funny videos just to show that your company is funny and can do more than <x>
  • Educational – Learning the viewer something, like how to use a certain product
  • Engaging – Engaging with the audience, either real-time or by answering questions that were asked before
  • Communicating – Telling more about your product or company

Videos these days can be live or recorded. Live video gives you the advantage that you can react to your audience and get a more engaging effect, while recorded video gives you the advantage of being able to redo it a lot to make sure you sound (and view) right.


Want some ideas for how to use video?

  • A webinar (which is always live) with you or an expert about a specific topic. This will start off as a lecture but hopefully you will give the chance to ask questions too. Think outside the box when it comes to topics: it might be cool to let someone talk about a topic you do not know about but that you know your audience will love hearing about.
  • A video how to use one of your products. Show them multiple ways to use a video. Let them think “Oh, that is a cool idea!”
  • A vlog, which is a video blog, talking about you or your company. What you have been doing, answering questions from clients.
  • A video testimonial, where your client talks about what you did for them and how awesome you are.
  • An interview with an expert or with a client about a certain topic.

And I am sure that now that you’ve started getting ideas you can think of many more!

You might think: but Natalie, you aren’t using video yourself yet! Yes, I know 🙂 I have had my first webinar a month ago and will have another one soon. And maybe some day, I will make videos starring me too… Still have to find the guts to do so. But that is a whole other story (which I will be talking about this thursday).

Do you have the guts for video? What kind of video would you make?


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